ECI 524

Theory & Research in Global Learning

An examination of theoretical frameworks for global learning and comparative studies of various national approaches to K-12 education. This course provides students with multiple lenses through which to consider how we teach and learn given the demands and opportunities present in our interconnected world.

One of the biggest concepts I took away from Theory and Research in Global Learning was that education is quite different from schooling. Community-based education is founded upon cultural values, practices, traditions, and norms. On the other hand, schooling is a newer concept. Schooling aims to provide a formal education for all children. Math, reading, writing, science, etc. are all components of schooling and while schooling is also cultural, its goal is to provide a more value neutral education in a formalized setting. By the end of this class, I was able to answer fundamental questions like What is a good education?, What is a good school?, and Whose knowledge counts within schools? The coursework and resources below indicate how my thought processes led me to answer these questions. Plus, I found my cumulative project to be an ideal source of information.

Education Systems in the United States, Poland, South Korea & Finland. Origins of the OECD, PISA & Common Core. The Purpose of Education. Teacher Preparation Programs. Extracurricular Activities & Sports vs. Education.

The Relationship Between Autonomy & Flourishment. Teaching Well-being at London’s School 21. Oracy in the Classroom & Strategies for Effective Speaking.

School 21 and Oracy in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Talk

School 21 and Teaching Well-being: Helping Students Tackle Social Issues

A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School in Suffolk, England. The Ideas of License vs. Freedom. Love, Fear & Behavior. Segregation in Israel. Hand in Hand Schools.

Confucian Values and Chinese Schooling. A Preschool in Daguan, China. Democracy and Social Justice at the Brooklyn Free School.

The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Advancing Educational Freedom. Egregious Violations of Human Rights. Removing Culture and Spirituality from School. Secrecy and Abuse in Native American Boarding Schools.

Education in the Shadow of Apartheid. Knowledge as a Tool for Oppression. Education as Both Helpful and Harmful. Using English to Augment One’s Status.

Steve Biko & Black Consciousness. Privilege & Success Devoid of White Help. Afrocentric Schooling & Black Consciousness. The Importance of Perspective and Point-of-View in Global Education.

Cumulative Interview & Presentation on Schooling & Education in Moldova. Language in Education. Sports & Extracurriculars. Poverty & Inequality. Cultural Values. Politics. Changes After the Fall of Communism. National Education Curriculum. Rigor. Entrance Exams for Secondary Schools. Emigration from Moldova. Teacher Preparation Programs. Autonomy of Educators. Moldovan vs. U.S. Schooling.